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The NAV People wall art

Glass cases in reception areas can be... well... a little lame...

Avis Prestige responsive website

We love the internet... and we love cars too... so this was just a dream project...

Rolls Royce brochure

Our mission... which we chose to accept... was to produce a case bound booklet for the Rolls-Royce Phantom... cue music...

Ericsson exhibition multimedia

Sometimes "Make this product look fantastic" is easier than others...

nujira responsive website

Now these guys are clever.... nujira is a global wireless chip company.

AB Building Products e-commerce

Complex e-commerce solutions that really bring home the bacon

iCandy Design

iCandy Design is a marketing communications agency. We find and deploy the most appropriate communication channels to market our clients business, products or services.

iCandy Design works with ambitious businesses of all sizes delivering design, web and marketing projects in both the B2B and B2C arenas. If you'd like to transform the way your company's brand, website, or marketing campaigns look and perform, please do drop us a line, or call iCandy Design on 01256 895 805.

Introducing Syrup

To support our design & UX work, we have developed Syrup CMS – a flexible & intuitive content management system which has been optimised and proven on high volume traffic sites.

It has been built from the ground up in PHP and MySQLi, and therefore offers a much higher level of performance integration and extensibility, than a pre-packaged CMS.

Essentially, Syrup CMS allows us to spend less time working within the constraints of a system that doesn't fit your business needs and focus more time on creating something that allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Syrup from iCandy Design

Syrup from iCandy Design
Individual user dashboard
Syrup from iCandy Design
Page activation & check in / out
Syrup from iCandy Design
WYSIWYG content management